More Prayers Please

We have had a lot of up and downs since my last post. Malachi is now in the PICU with acute liver failure and docs aren’t able to figure out why. He has had a really hard week and is absolutely worn out. At this point he is mostly healed from surgery and we have just moved on to more complicated things.

We got a call from the pediatrician today that Levi tested positive for RSV on Tuesday. In addition he has a double ear infection. Thankfully he is doing really well and breathing safely at this point.

We are thankful for all of your prayers and would like to ask for more as we navigate some hard things right now. If I get a chance I will type an update on Sunday but please pray for our boys.

10 thoughts on “More Prayers Please

  1. Praying for your boys and also for you and Jake. It’s exhausting to be strong all the time. Know that your family is loved by so many.


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