Casting Down Imaginations

I am happy to report that it seems like we have made it through the worst of our battle with Covid unscathed. I will break it down for each family member to give you an idea of what this week has looked like.

Levi- by far he sailed through it the best, which truly shocked us. We have been told with his airway issues to expect ICU stays with a common cold, so Covid had us very worried. He never ran a fever, and his oxygen saturations were not affected. There were times his saturations were BETTER than his normal, which is bizarre. He dealt with congestion, coughing, and lethargy with his naps lasting up to 3 hours each day. He is on day 11 and aside from sounding a bit nasally he is back to his normal, wild self.

Malachi- he struggled quite a bit mid week with his oxygen saturations but never dipped below 90. The entire week he hung around 92-93. He lost his color for several days and looked very pale and sickly. He never ran a fever, but dealt with a lot of congestion although none of it appeared on the outside…no runny nose, etc. He threw up a lot of mucus and coughed pretty intensely for several days mainly at night. Sleep was rough and one night he didn’t fall asleep until after 5am. His little body struggled for those days, and he was feeling so puny he drooled nonstop. But he has been slowly improving and is on day 9.

Here is a picture from this weekend and you can see how much he has perked back up.

I did end up taking the boys to the pediatrician on Monday morning and had them tested. The pediatrician listened to their lungs to get a baseline should things change and did a covid test. The test came back negative but the pediatrician was confident it was a false negative based on their symptoms and the timeline with Jake also testing positive. They offered for us to bring them back later in the week for another test (they sound around day 5-8 would be most accurate) but we decided it wasn’t necessary. My mother who spent one hour with the boys on Thursday evening tested positive a week later, and she had not been anywhere since she left our house that night. She had not spent time around Jake so we felt confident she had gotten it from the boys.

Levi was pretending to give Malachi meds in his armpit. The hidden side of any sickness in our house in the medications. Without any sickness I administer 12 medications a day between the two boys. With covid we added lots of pain meds which increased the boys meds to 20 and at least 5 more syringes for water flushes. Lots and lots of syringe washing took place this week!

Jake- Covid knocked him down! He said it felt like a very bad flu, but it was like no other sickness he had encountered. Jake never ran a fever but it took over his chest and lungs for the first few days and moved upward from there into his head. He had a nasty cough that sounded very similar to croup. He “bark” coughed at night and had to sleep on his stomach to keep his lungs from burning. He dealt with achiness and headaches all week, and still has a lingering headache that won’t go away. He slept 10-11 hours a night and napped a few hours throughout the day. We started some major vitamins the day after he tested positive which we are assuming helped a bit. He is also on day 9 and through the worst of it. He will be able to return to work on Wednesday, and by the grace of God he had several snow days this week so he will only have to take 4 days off total for all of it.

Mom- I spent the week getting coughed on, sneezed on, and covered in covid cooties. We took zero precautions since the boys were all sick and just assumed we would all get it. Levi and I have even shared drinks this week. But I am still negative y’all! It is baffling to us. I did a PCR test the day Jake tested positive and it was negative. I tested again on Thursday which would have been a full week since Levi’s first symptom and that test also came back negative. I have had zero symptoms, although all week I have been reading into anything new and different in my body. One evening I thought I was getting a sore throat but by the morning I was fine. I also had major fatigue but it was the day I was up with Malachi all night and was running on two hours of sleep. A little bit of rest took that fatigue away.

I feel like God has most definitely put a hedge of protection around me knowing that I would need to care for three sick boys. It definitely defies logic. I have read that type O blood handles the virus better than others but I am not type O. I have some weird blood, and maybe that has something to do with it? When I had Malachi I lost a significant amount of blood (1.5 liters) and required 5 blood transfusions. One of those introduced a kell antigen into my system and my body has created antibodies for it. If I should ever need a blood transfusion again I have to tell them this information because more kell positive blood could make me very sick. I donated blood a few months ago and they sent me a kind letter thanking me for my donation but telling me that they can’t use my blood for anyone other than me so donating again wasn’t encouraged haha. Maybe my weird blood protected me from Covid???

So Jake, Levi, and Malachi will all be done with isolation on Wednesday, but because I never tested positive I am still in quarantine until March 5th. I find myself stuck between being grateful I didn’t get it and being disappointed we will be locked in the house even longer. I don’t mind being home, but the boys miss our errand running and grocery pickups. I have been taking them on lots of drives around town to give them different scenery but they are definitely reaching their max of home life. It has been too cold to enjoy the playground so the cabin fever is setting in.

This is a photo of Levi being told he couldn’t go out to the playground in 20 degree weather. He put his jeans on and everything thinking it would give him more negotiating power if he was already dressed for the outside world. Poor buddy. I feel semi-bad for taking the picture but he was just so darn cute. And showing him pictures of him crying weirdly makes him stop crying and start laughing.

We have been playing lots of games as a family and also making up lots of games, Jake and Leah style. Like how long can we keep the balloon in the air without it touching the ground, with one of us using Malachi’s arms instead of our own. 81 is the record by the way. Lots of silliness, lots of laughter, and lots of movies. If we have to be sick, at least we are home and with each other. We have also been tackling the things we try to avoid, like steam cleaning carpets and draining/cleaning the therapy pool.

We have been so blessed this week by lots of friends dropping off goodies and meals. Lasagna, soups, salmon, fresh eggs, banana bread, pizza, and so many other yummy things. We have definitely not lost weight through this sickness haha.

While there were several moments of worry for me this week I tried desperately to take every thought captive and just focus on the next hour. The days blurred together with this mindset but did keep me from spiraling down the rabbit hole with worry. I believe with all of my heart that God protected our family in a miraculous way. With both of the boys having major lung and airway issues things could have been much much worse.

When it comes to Bible translations I am a NASB or an NIV gal but I really love studying different translations when it comes to specific verses. It intrigues me how the slightest change in words can paint a whole thought in my mind. For tonight’s devotional I want to pull the verse from the King James Version.

1 Corinthians 10:5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

I myself am guilty of tossing around Biblical phrases like “take every thought captive” but not fully understanding the whole verse. And when I looked at the verse in it’s entirety it blew me away as it pinpointed two of my biggest hurdles…my imagination and my pride.

Imaginations can be such beautiful things as they allow you to picture the impossible. Imaginations allow for belief in miracles, and they teach your brain to entertain the unseen. But like anything else in our lives, they can also lead us down sinful paths and lead us to darkness.

I have always had a vivid and big imagination. It is a detailed one that can construct whole books if I allow it. But in my life right now my imagination can direct me towards all the worst case scenarios with each of my children. Unfortunately I have so many mental backdrops where bad things have happened, that replacing the timeframe and ages of each of us in those scenes isn’t difficult to do. As this verse reminds me, there are moments when we are called to cast down our imaginations.

We are also called to cast down “every high things that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God”. This one hits a littler deeper with me than the imagination one, as it touches my pride. I fully believe that God holds my family in the palm of His hand. I also believe that His plan for my children is so much greater than my own. So why do I challenge Him when I *think* that His plan isn’t panning out? Why do I hand situations over to Him only to grab them back in prideful fear, thinking that I can do it better than He can. Fear is the main motivator but either way it is in these panic moments that we miss opportunities to show our undefiled love to the Father. We miss a big chance to honor His lordship in our lives.

Finally, the “take every thought captive” part isn’s just a self control challenge. It has a bi-line we often overlook. The verse tells us to bring those thoughts to the obedience of Christ. I have been rolling those words around in my mind. It reminds me that, as children of God, our actions AND our thoughts must be obedient to Christ and the scriptures. This does not come easy to me. My inner thoughts most definitely do not always fall under the obedience of Christ. But what a good challenge to focus on, and what a necessary weapon to sharpen while my family is in a safe place with their health.

I encourage you this week to look that scripture up in the many different translations and see what piece of it God wants you to cling to and focus on. I love how living and breathing the Word of God can be.

Please continue to pray that we progress toward good health and that there are no lasting effects of this virus. And please pray that God grants my children patience and sanity as we stay home for another few weeks.

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Casting Down Imaginations

  1. Glad the boys are doing so well and Jake recovering. That is very weird you did not get it….it has to be something with the blood I think. How is your Mom? I hope she did not get hit hard….


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