Be Brave Little One

I know how eager many of you are to hear about today’s procedure so I thought I would give you a very brief update.

Levi went to the operating room today for a follow up bronchoscopy to see how the airway was healing. Everything looked like it was healing as it should and he only had a small amount of granulation tissue (an ulcer on the healing surface of a wound) on his vocal cords; we are assuming it is from where the ventilator tube was rubbing.

They were also able to extubate him (take him off of the ventilator) down in the operating room and I was even able to snap a few pictures of him before they taped the nasal cannula on.

He is on high flow oxygen right now at 4 liters and we will be working on weaning him down over the next week or so. When he gets to 2 liters or less we can start thinking about trying to introduce the bottle.


Jake and I were absolutely thrilled to hear that everything looks as it should, but a little disappointed when we saw him post procedure today and still heard the stridor. We were assuming that the noisy breathing would be completely gone when the tube came out.


He is also breathing very aggressively and retracting his little stomach pretty hard when he breathes in. They are telling us that it is normal to have some noisy breathing since the airway is swollen from all the activity and the swelling should go down over the next few days. Here is a video of his breathing post-op:

We still don’t have an idea yet if we can deem this surgery “successful” but stage one is complete! He will go back to the operating room one week from today so they can monitor the progress and by then we will have a better idea of whether or not a trach is still needed.

Levi is so much happier off the ventilator! And we are thrilled to be able to hold him again without the constant fear of the vent coming out. Levi is so incredibly strong and the last 10 days have been so rough on him…he has done everything in his power to get the tube out. Last night I got a call at 2am that he successfully popped the ventilator tube out of his throat and I was devastated, worrying that it was going to jeopardize his surgery site. We are very grateful that it didn’t!

Today when the nurses weren’t looking he yanked the oxygen prongs out of his nose and pulled the tubing off his face. He is not a fan of oxygen support it seems. He was a ticking time bomb with the ventilator in his nose so we were always on edge worrying he was going to get it out. Simply having that mechanism removed is easing my mommy heart tremendously as it gives me less to worry about (as well as less 2am phone calls…those are the absolute worst).


I will do a big update on Sunday evening and ramble on like I usually do haha! Christmas Day updates and such. But I didn’t want to leave you all hanging in the meantime.

And as a little teaser, here is a video of Malachi’s favorite toy today…a grocery bag full of grocery bags…yep…a car full of Christmas gifts, but this is the current winner:

As far as specific prayers needs right now, Levi needs prayer for strength and endurance. His body gets so tired when it works so hard to breathe and we need for him to have some sudden bursts of strength to get over this hump. Levi also needs prayers for the airway to stay open and not start to close in on itself again. We also are requesting prayers for his ability to eat when we get the green light. If the surgery was successful, eating will be one of the bigger hurdles keeping us in the hospital.

And please continue to remember Jake and Malachi in your prayers as they are still struggling with getting back to 100%.

Thank you for your prayers and I am hoping to bring you an awesome and stridor free update on Sunday.

God bless,


12 thoughts on “Be Brave Little One

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus for your mighty work today. A small but bright light in this darkened tunnel. God holds the Carroll’s in his hands. I lift your family up in prayer today and everyday. To God be the glory, great things he hath done.


  2. Um I looooove the video of Malachi!!!! Soooo stinking precious! Glad for some good news for you! Continuing to pray for you! Love you all so much!!!


  3. He is absolutely beautiful and you look so happy holding him. Continued prayers for Levi, you, Jake and Malachi. I look forward to a good report in your next update.
    “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”
    ‭‭Romans‬ ‭15:13‬ ‭NIV‬‬
    Much Love,


  4. Praying friend! I love the pics and videos. Levi is soooooo beautiful and sweet! The stridor does seem less pronounced and I hope it eases up as his body realizes he doesn’t have to fight so hard to breathe as he is healing and growing. I pray the airway heals at the right amount of opening that he can breath without danger and eat without danger!!! And I pray for Jake and Malachi to gain their health and strength, for you, too, mama and of course, for little Levi. We love you Carroll’s!


  5. What a joy it is to see and hear Malachi laugh!! It is also a joy to hear the good progress for Levi. I continue to pray for you, Jake, Malachi and Levi as you walk this long challenging journey. Sending much love! ❤


  6. Thank you for the update. This little guy and his many expressions are thought about many tomes a day. Prayers continuing for your beautiful family.


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