Oh The Irony…

I am so proud to announce that we have made it to the 25 week mark with Baby Levi!! This is officially the longest that I have ever been pregnant and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Here are some half-hearted attempts at a cute pregnancy photo. I have a keen ability of being awkward regardless of the situation so enjoy the “Where do my hands go?” face.


But what would week 24 be without a little bit of irony thrown in the mix…Before I go any further let me reassure you that Baby Levi is doing great and our appointment with the high risk doctors went well. No new concerns on the radar and the things we are watching are unchanged, which is a good thing. He is 1 pound 7 ounces and loving life in mamma’s tummy.


This was the first ultrasound in which Levi cooperated and stayed still long enough to get a few good profile shots. He spent most of the 30 minute ultrasound playing with his fingers and resting his hands on his head.

Now time for the irony. Yet again, at 24 weeks pregnant, Jake had to drive me to the emergency room. The last time we visited this ER was the night Malachi was born, so the emotions were roaring within me.

Long story short, I was walking at soccer practice and was attacked by hornets. They stung me once in the face, four times in the arm, and twice in the pregnant belly. Yup, you read that right. NEVER been stung by a hornet in my life, but just so happens that I got stung twice IN the pregnant belly, AT 24 weeks. Lovely.

After the initial shock wore off I went and sat in the car to see how my body would react to the stings. I didn’t want to drive anywhere in case my breathing or consciousness was affected, so I immediately called by OBGYN to see what I should be doing in a case like this; I was sent to voicemail by both the regular OB and the high risk. Within five minutes I started having an allergic reaction and hives popped up from scalp to toes. I was trying very hard to keep calm, but my chest started to get tight and I knew we needed to go immediately.

Jake jumped in the car and off we went…that same awful drive to that same ER with so many memories. I had the OB call in ahead of time to let them know I was coming. We walked in to a full waiting room and when I checked in they told me to have a seat and they would be with me soon. I very firmly replied, “I am 24 weeks pregnant and my chest is getting tight. I need to be seen immediately.” Within a few minutes they had checked vitals and run an EKG to make sure that my heart was cooperating. Levi was squirming around like a wild man, which was so incredibly reassuring to me, but I wasn’t sure how the foreign substance the hornets injected would affect him.

They were able to administer benedryl and prevacid via an IV and we watched and waited as the hives started to disappear and my chest tightness went ahead. They monitored me for a few hours and sent me home when things had settled a bit. Here is a picture of my belly a few hours after treatment…Jake and I have had some good laughs over the chins I developed this week.


I stayed swollen and itchy for several days so I kept a steady stream of benedryl in my system. This was my face (from the one face sting) the next morning haha…


So enough from that adventure! Let’s talk about Malachi!


Malachi has had a wonderful week. He is starting to learn the school routine and truly enjoys going each day. We have worked up to over 2 hours of him being at school without momma and the confidence of the classroom teachers is growing more and more each day. This week they successfully fed him several times without assistance, which is a huge feat.

They are also “learning” Malachi well, including his quirks. For example, his breathing is still a little junky and labored from his sickness last week. If you don’t know Malachi well, you would probably panic thinking he was struggling to breath. If he develops a burp it is amplified and sounds even worse, which is what happened on Thursday. They immediately texted and asked about it and after explaining it was probably burp related, they were able to successfully get a burp out and his breathing steadied again.

It is reassuring to me that when in doubt they will call and get more information. Overly confident people and Malachi are a bad mix, so I really appreciate them taking the time to learn him and ask when they are unsure r nervous.

IMG_7084 Malachi has been so vocal lately about his emotions, and using his eyebrows to express so much. One of the highlights of his mornings is when I run the hair dryer. A few weeks ago I “shot” him with a burst of air and he made the angriest face and then asked for more. Since then it has been our game that the hair dryer “gets” him (which he will furrow his eyebrows at), and then he giggles when it goes away. It is a true love-hate relationship, and unfortunately I didn’t capture the love side in the video haha. But I assure you that he loves it. He particularly likes when the air hits his belly so he will lift his shirt to show me where to shoot the air.

Malachi has also been spending a lot of time in his canoe. He loves the independence of sitting up without assistance, and he can throw his body around wherever he wishes. He is also learning how to get himself out of precarious positions when he lurches certain ways, and we try to be as hands off as possible to help him learn. I took a short video for you so you can see how well he is sitting unassisted in it!

Aside from our panic moments with the hornets, this week has been a great one. My patience level is improving with the two hour breaks I am now getting, and my level of productivity has been remarkable during that time!! It is simply amazing how much more I can get done when I don’t have to focus on Malachi! Even the smallest things like eating lunch alone have been such an odd experience to have to get used to.

I even did a solo grocery trip on Friday to the local IGA when Malachi was in school and got supplies needed to make a good homemade dinner for Jake. Having time and energy to think through more than the next hour is such an odd sensation.

And the best part is, that there is no guilt in it for this momma! Malachi loves being at school, so it truly is a win-win situation.

This week I have been focusing so much on the compassion Christ had. Throughout the gospels we read story after story of Jesus coming into contact with complete strangers, and the phrase “And Jesus had compassion on them” shows up time and time again.

The love that Jesus Christ has for each of us is such a rare and exciting gift. It is completely undeserved and unwarranted. Even us in our dirtiest rags are loved immeasurably by Him. WOW! I love reading the stories about Jesus coming into contact with people despised by society yet “He had compassion on them.” What a lesson that has been to my heart this week on how I interact with others.

Do I show others the love that Christ has shown unworthy people like me? Honestly, no. But what a challenge that is- to love the undeserving in that way. If you get time this week I highly encourage you to read through the book of John, and when you do simply make a list of the characteristics you see in Christ as you read through those stories. What a challenging and humbling experience reading through those can be.

Please remember us in your prayers as we continue to inch closer to move in day. I am trying to make certain my stress level is staying low and my energy is reserved for my littlest one. He has been situating himself on some of my nerves leading to some pretty severe back pain by the end of the day. Sleeping is always a challenge with Malachi, but with added pregnancy pains I am not able to rest comfortably when Malachi gives me time to sleep.

Thank you for taking the time to check in on our growing family!

God bless,

Jake, Leah, Malachi, and Levi

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