It’s A __________!

To start of today’s entry, let me allow Malachi to tell you the gender of Baby Carroll:

On Wednesday we met with my high risk doctors to check on Baby C. It was an intensely long ultrasound as they took their time doing a full anatomy scan, being sure to check for birth defects or abnormalities. From what we could see, everything looks perfectly formed and the baby is measuring right on target at 6 ounces. I am 18 weeks, which is exactly half way to our due date target of 36 weeks! Baby C is a WILD ONE! The ultrasound technician couldn’t believe how active baby was and it was very difficult getting still shots of the different organs.


Malachi absolutely loves talking about his baby brother. He knows exactly what we are talking about and grins from ear to ear. If I ask him what a baby does he will put his lips into a frown to tell me that babies cry…a fact he thinks is absolutely hilarious. We are trying to narrow down the name list so we can start referring to him by name with Malachi.

Malachi has had a great week! We started at the dentist on Monday and Malachi got to see the new girl dentist. He was smitten with her and cooperated amazingly as she checked his crowns and his one remaining real tooth…no cavity in that “accountability tooth” as we like to call it! Good for another six months!

The rest of the week was full of therapies, church, soccer practices, play dates, and general silliness. Here is a video clip of Malachi playing with his switch operated dog. He loved that it was tickling his feet:

Malachi threw us a curveball and slept completely through the night on Friday evening sleeping 7.5 hours straight! It was the best sleep I have gotten in months and we were so productive the next day. We even had enough time for me to run through his home stretches and give him time in his stander. I pushed it in front of the television so he could watch a movie up close and boy did he love that! He tracked the characters on the television so incredibly well and seeing him watch so intently was very encouraging to see.


Here is a video of him watching Daniel Tiger:

On Friday afternoon we met up with my sister in law, nieces, and nephews at a local playground by the river. I rigged Malachi’s chair up with a new shade umbrella and his battery operated fan and he handled the heat like a champ!

The part of the brain that regulates body temperature is very damaged on Malachi so he can’t spend too long out in the heat before he shuts down. This summer we have noticed it being more of an issue than other years so we are trying our best to be more proactive about it and limit his time outside. We have scheduled our soccer practices for mornings or late evenings so he isn’t miserable. But we are also trying to make sure we don’t allow it to affect taking him out and about for brain growth reasons! On Saturday we took a drive up the mountain we live at the bottom of. There is a large recreation area at the top with beautiful views and a large lake to swim in. While we didn’t take him in the water, he really seemed to enjoy the fresh air.


This week was a fear battling one for me leading up to the ultrasound appointment. My mind kept wandering to the idea that something was going to be wrong with the baby. Every time I started thinking those thoughts I would quickly try to combat them with scripture and prayer, but the devil is a crafty one and continued to weasel his way back into my thoughts.

As I got ready for the appointment that morning I reached for the waterproof mascara, as I had convinced myself that there would be tears at this appointment. It is in trying times like these that I am reminded of how “easy” faith can be when life is moving smoothly. When the waves begin to grow it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep your eyes on Christ. This week was one where I caught myself focusing on the waves instead of the lighthouse.

As I drove by a local church I noticed their sign that read: Your faith must be bigger than your fears.

Sound familiar haha? “Faith Over Fear”!!

Isaiah 26:3 tells us “You will keep Him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.”

What a perfect reminder for this week. I fully recognize how successful the devil was on my mind this week, and I am so frustrated that I gave him such victory over my thoughts. It has been a reminder to me that I need to be digging into God’s word even more and filling my heart and mind with words of truth.

Please remember our family of four this week and join us in prayer for Baby C. My prayer is that God begins to use him for great and mighty things at an early age. I pray that God gives him a heart like His own and a nature that draws others to God. I pray that his love and compassion for Malachi is beyond anything I could ever imagine, and their bond becomes an unbreakable one.

God bless,

Jake, Leah, and Malachi

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