Surgery Update

I am so relieved to share with you that surgery was successful. Malachi has had multiple abdominal surgeries since his birth and each one has left behind lots of scar tissue. The surgeon started snipping scar tissue that was in the way to get the the problem spot they noted on the CT scan and found a piece of scar tissue pinching down a chunk of intestine. Once they snipped it the gut started flowing immediately. No noticeable damage to the intestine that required cutting out and reattaching sections.

Surgeon is very pleased and said it was a good thing we didn’t wait any longer as it would have gotten much worse and most definitely never self resolved.

Malachi had a nerve block in the operating room so he isn’t feeling the pain quite yet and shouldn’t for 2-3 days. He is still hooked to a catheter for urine, multiple IVs, and a NG tube down his nose to allow air and stomach contents to stay out of the intestine while it heals. He is still getting some whiffs of oxygen to help keep his stats up.

He has a four inch incision down the center of his belly which will make handling him very difficult. Our goal right now is to leave him as still as he will allow us and let his gut rest. We are in a room on the regular floor and not the PICU which is a huge step in the right direction. The surgeon said to expect a 7 day stay but if Malachi starts bouncing back more quickly than that we will make it home sooner. He is setting the tone for his healing.

Obviously this has been a pretty dramatic week for us, and I should have plenty of time to write you all a thorough update on Sunday night. Thank you for the prayers and please keep them coming for pain management and no more surprises.

5 thoughts on “Surgery Update

  1. Such great news..seeing you hold Malachis hand is something I am very familiar with. I feel his touch to this day. So happy for you all♥️Thank you dear Jesus🙏


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