Mr. Personality

Something big is happening with our little warrior- and let me tell you, it is AMAZING to see!

Malachi’s sign for “yes”. We call it his happy dance.

Over the last month Malachi’s personality has blossomed at such an intense rate. I am pretty confident it has something to do with Jake being home for the summer, but regardless of the reason we are so grateful to see these big changes in Malachi.

One of the most notable changes is that Malachi now gets bored…very, very bored. And when he does he gets mischievous. That leads into another notable change- he has figured out that he is a pretty funny kid. He has made Jake and I laugh so much lately at the silly things he does and he is starting to figure out the trend for making us laugh.

For example, this week Malachi has not been a good sleeper so we have spent most nights up in the living room. He starts in his bed for a few hours, we stay up for a few more, then I lay him down with Jake and I for another hour or so. This has always been our trend, but during the school year it is just Malachi and I in the big bed as Jake heads off to school. Lately he has figured out that daddy is in the bed and wants to mess with him. He will wiggle and squirm, trying to flip his little body around to get to Jake. Jake was sound asleep one morning and when Malachi couldn’t physically get to him he yelled “DAD” at the top of his little lungs. It scared Jake out of a dead sleep and his reaction caused Malachi to laugh for ten minutes.

So now every time we end up in the big bed, of course Malachi tries to scare his dad by yelling his name and then laughs hysterically, whether Jake reacts or not. He will get himself laughing so hard that he is chuckling and it is THE HARDEST THING to not laugh with him. But we are trying to get him to go to sleep so we both stifle our laughter as much as possible. During our awake hours he has also been figuring out that he can do things and people will laugh. Like a class clown, he will continue to do those things to get people to laugh at him.

What a typical little four year old boy we are seeing these days!

Here is a video of him playing with his new toy. Watch his face closely and you will recognize a mischievous look come over his face (at about 30 seconds in). He knows exactly what I want him to do but refuses to do it and thinks it is pretty funny.

He has also been playing a game where he closes his eyes and thinks he is invisible. And that, my friends, is apparently hilarious. He will keep those eyes shut tight and every now and then peek out of one to see if I am still looking.

Cognitively, Malachi has been trying to watch movies on the television and has started talking on the phone like a champ. He even has a soft and sweet little “phone voice” that will just melt your heart.

Jake and I are just blown away by all of these changes. We have gone years fighting for even the tiniest milestones, so to have so many come in such a short time has made our spirits soar.

This week Jake and I went to a local restaurant in the town next to ours. After we sat down we were greeted by one of the sweet waitresses who came and introduced herself to Malachi. He absolutely loved her and giggled each time she spoke to him. She asked if she could hold him, which really caught us off guard but we didn’t mind as she was able bodied to handle such an awkward and big kid. She walked him around the restaurant, introducing him to all the other guests and waitresses and he just ate up the attention. As she disappeared around the corner with Malachi, I caught myself starting to cry…

You see, this type of thing is common in our area. If a cute baby comes into a restaurant they are doted on by the waitresses and carried around proudly. It is just one of the many joys of living in the south! When I was pregnant with Malachi I remember seeing this happen with other babies and couldn’t wait to show off my boy in the same way.

That day as I heard strangers doting on my son from the other room I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the normalcy of that moment. And the pregnancy hormones probably didn’t help my case haha.

We also had the opportunity to meet another special needs family this week! When the Chick-Fil-A post went viral last month, I received a message from a family about 30 minutes away. They told me a little about their son, Oliver, who is 3 years old and is similar to Malachi in many ways. Their diagnoses differ but they both affected by different types of brain damage. This week we were able to meet up with this sweet family- it is always refreshing to connect with others who lead a similar life to us. As we sat through lunch together, both boys experienced seizures and no explaining was needed. Just a silent understanding of what was happening and the conversations continued.

Baby is still doing wonderfully! My nausea is only coming in waves for an hour or two a day, praise the Lord! Food is so good again. Baby has been moving like a wild one lately, so much so that Jake has been able to feel it. I know that sounds crazy seeing as I am only 15 weeks along, but it is undeniable! And I am very grateful to God for those little reminders that Baby is alive and well. We will see the doctor this week for a routine checkup.

The house has made some great progress this week. Here are a few pictures.



And finally, I was so excited this afternoon to get the email from Chick-Fil-A with the finished product from our interviews. It turned out so special, and yes, you guessed it…I cried watching it. Hearing the boy’s little voices say things like “I love you Malachi” just caused my heart to melt!

Here is a link to the video: Chick-Fil_A Interview

As I reflect on our week and all of the ways God is healing Malachi, I just can’t help but feel overwhelmingly blessed. I hope that whatever circumstances life has you in these days, that you too can find blessings hidden throughout.

Much love,

Jake, Leah, and Malachi



2 thoughts on “Mr. Personality

  1. Hi! I am studying to work with special needs children and came across this blog when your Chick-fil-a encounter went viral. I have been following it ever since as I find your little lad just adorable. I am mainly a lurker and only wanted to comment about a book that you are probably already familiar with just in case you were not. It’s Little bear sees. I will probably go back to lurking now, all the best :))


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